Time for Women to Lead – We get Shit Done!

In my 71 years of life experience, I’ve noticed that when women are in charge – shit gets done and it gets done better.

We need only to look at the world’s corona virus response. Germany, New Zealand, and Finland (all led by women) had the best responses with the fewest deaths and illness.

We need only look at those corporations with women on the board and in executive leadership to find that they not only improve the organization’s performance and profitability they typically also improve the firm’s social responsibility.

We need only look at the energy and focus of the Women’s March in 2016 – the largest gathering ever in the country in response to the electoral election steal by the worst bigot and misogynist in office in our history – to know that women can and will come together to remedy wrongs.

We need only look at the indefatigable activism of the suffragists and the second, third and now fourth wave of the women’s movement to secure equality for ALL women notwithstanding incredible hurdles and abuse.

We need only look at the #Me Too and #Time’s up movements to know women have arrived in a new place of strength and solidarity to oppose our objectification.

We need only look to advanced education where women now represent the majority of university and professional students and graduate – such as doctors and lawyers – to see that we are becoming more prepared than ever to take charge.

We need only look to the mothers, many of whom work outside the home, who know how to multitask like no one else  – teaching and disciplining children, managing finances, managing healthcare, managing children’s education, managing food, clothing, family get-togethers, the family’s social calendar, and on top of it all – being the most important inspirational family figure.

We need only look to the way women collaborate rather than compete.

We need only look to the way women empathize and heal rather than tear down.

Men have run things for way too long. They’ve tried to subordinate us in every social structure except for the family unit. Patriarchal society has run its course. That is evident by what men leaders have done to this country.

It’s our turn to run the show. . . time for us to get shit done and get it done better!