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I’m 66 – came of age in the 60s – marched against the war and for women’s rights. I am a semi-retired attorney – a single mother of an awesome, 30-year-old woman activist. I am a city mouse from Chicago, now living in San Diego. I keep busy with writing, charities, travel, and politics. I want to share my stories about what it was like to be at the front end of the Baby Boom and experience first-hand the incredible societal changes that have occurred over the past 50 years – changes in about every aspect of women’s lives – the home, the workplace, educational preparation, motherhood, politics, relationships, leadership, and of the course – the biggie, SEX!About page photomothers-dayprofile pic

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8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I love your posts! We are about the same age and I had a couple similar work/gender related experiences. In, 1978, I went through six months of claims training and afterwards, was not enthusiastic about any of the positions in auto, Worker’s Comp, property, etc. so asked to be placed in the medical malpractice department and I was, in part because of the gender equality act.

    At my next company, I was transferred from one department to another because the Board of Trustees wanted a “man with gray hair, not a young woman” in the position…two steps forward, one step back!

    Some people may say that it was reverse discrimination to get ahead because we were women but I think it reflects that women were finally being seen on par with men.

    The first time I ever saw a woman wear pants at work was at a mediation in 1986. She looked so chic but I thought I could never wear pants to work…fast forward and we’ve ditched the nylons. Now I can’t believe what some people wear to work!

    Looking forward to more posts!


  2. Just read your Sept blog post on “5 Reasons Why….”. So well written. Also loved the “About Me” section. Keep it going!


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