My 10 Core Social/Political Beliefs

The election of Trump has caused me to focus on my core beliefs and work toward advancing them. I recommend this exercise for everyone. It is a useful way to clarify where you stand and to focus your energies.fullsizerender

So, in no particular order and subject to further additions, here they are.

 Reproductive Rights and the Right to Die. 

Nothing could be more fundamental than the notion that the government has no place making healthcare decisions for individuals. As for reproductive rights, these are perhaps the most important rights women have to gain equity in any society. Without the right to decide if and when to have a child, women are relegated to child bearing and will not be able to pursue their own destinies. In addition to reproductive rights, adults of sound mind should also have the right to end their lives if they chose to – particularly if they have lost the health to enjoy.

Income Equity. 

The disparity between the incomes of workers and the financial elite is obscene. All workers should have a living wage so that if they work full time, they can afford housing, food and life’s essentials. The incomes/bonuses for the executives in the financial services industry should be restricted to a reasonable percentage more than their workers. There should be laws with criminal penalties prohibiting executives from resorting to self-interest over common good (as in the recent recession). History has proven that left unregulated, the financial services industry will resort to greed and self-interest. This needs to be stopped. 

Climate Change.

Our climate worldwide is in danger and steps must be taken locally, nationally and globally to curtail climate change. These steps should include penalties for failure to follow strict regulations. The fossil fuel business should be highly regulated and given incentives to change to clean energy.

Freedom of Speech and the Press. 

Public supported news is important to avoid bias. Fact checking has become more important than ever. Media that is opinion rather than merely factual, such as FOX and MSNBC, should be labeled as such. The press should strive to report facts rather than opinions so that their audience can form their own conclusions. All persons should have the right to speak their minds in public forums. Hate speech and violence-inciting speech should be prohibited.

The Role of Government.

Government should provide for an orderly and fair society as well as a safety net for those who are unable to take care of themselves. International peace should be pursued. Sharing our resources with people in need from other countries should be encouraged. Government should  serve as an example to the world with respect to the intrinsic value of following the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. We should not pursue regime change in other governments and we should not interfere in other governments except to help prohibit genocide and other serious abuses to people. 

Equal rights for all in all things. 

All people should be treated equally and should have equal access to good education, health care, employment opportunities, housing, family life (marriage, divorce and child rearing), food, clean water and clean air.


Eliminate the Electoral College. Establish term limits for congress. Eliminate corporate and PAC money in elections. Eliminate compensation for office holders after term expiration.


Refugees escaping war and danger from their native countries should be welcomed and helped to establish themselves in this country. Other immigrants should be subject to reasonable vetting and quotas. Dreamers should be granted citizenship. Deportation should be restricted to felons. Amnesty should be allowed to family members of citizens.


All references to “God” should be removed from the Pledge of Allegiance, governmental events (including swearing in ceremonies) edifices, documents and currency. Non-believers should have the right to be free of religion just as believers should have the right for all religions to be treated equally and none favored by the government.


Women and minorities and others who have been traditionally marginalized should be proportionately represented in all aspects of leadership in society.


2 thoughts on “My 10 Core Social/Political Beliefs

  1. Hi Anne

    Great blog. We try not to watch the news, but in every country Trump dominates. Hope you are well. We are in Darwin, Australia. Last stop on last cruise. Next port Singapore and then we fly to Bali.


    On Mon, Feb 20, 2017 at 9:10 AM, Musings of a Boomer Feminist wrote:

    > annehaule posted: “The election of Trump has caused me to focus on my core > beliefs and work toward advancing them. I recommend this exercise for > everyone. It is a useful way to clarify where you stand and to focus your > energies. So, in no particular order and subject to fu” >


    1. Thanks for your comment. So good to hear from you! Life as we knew it has really changed here in the US. I’m volunteering with the ACLU. People are very fired up.
      Would love to hear what life is like cruising around the world 🌎


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